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Estoril Coast, Portugal - One place. A thousand sensations.

All you are looking for is here.
One place. A thousand sensations.

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Estoril 3 minutes
Estoril, Portugal. One place thousand sensations. In just seven minutes, learn more about the Estoril region and all its potential in cultural, sporting and leisure activities.
Its fantastic food, friendly and hospitable people and fantastic climate make it an exceptional destination.

For this and much more that we have to offer, we invite you to experience Estoril in all its splendor. One place. Thousand sensations
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“Grandes Concertos”- Ana Moura
“Grandes Concertos”- Ana Moura Ana Moura will be the protagonist of one more show in “Grandes Concertos” cycle. “Desfado”, her fifth originals album that represents a turning point in her career, will be highlighted.
“Grandes Concertos”- Richie Campbell
“Grandes Concertos”- Richie Campbell In the last show from “Grandes Concertos” cycle, Richie Campbell performs at Lounge D. Despite being very young, Richie Campbell has already a respectful career and he is the biggest name in the Portuguese reggae.
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Estoril Coast in Radio Nacional de España - Nomads “Nomads”, a Spanish National Radio programme, was in Estoril Coast and produced this amazing video about our Coast.
Estoril’s Craft Fair
Estoril’s Craft Fair Every year, from June until the end of September, the country’s oldest craft fair, with 51 years of existence, gathers nearly 350 artisans from all over the country who work live.
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The most western point
of Europe.
"where the earth ends and the sea begins"...
The Roca Cape, the most western point of Europe, in the words of the great poet Luís de Camões.
One of the Portugal magical places, it impersonates the adventurous spirit that took the Portuguese into the discovering of new worlds.