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Electronic Tolls

If your vehicle has a foreign registration, you can now access 2 exclusive electronic toll payment systems, EASYToll and TOLL CARD.

These new systems, developed by Estradas de Portugal in collaboration with CTT and UNICRE, seek to simplify drivers’ use of a more convenient and secure form of payment, allowing tourists and immigrants to more easily travel the roadways exclusively equipped with electronic tolls.

EASYToll allows you to make low-value payments without having to leave your car and by simply swiping your bank card. The system associates the vehicle’s registration with the bank card, and the toll payments are debited on the associated account. The customer receives a confirmation voucher, which works as a “toll pass”. This system is available in the country’s main highway entrances, Vila Real de Santo António (A22), Vilar Formoso (A25), Chaves (A24) and Vila Nova de Cerveira (EN13), where machines were installed to carry out the operations and Welcome Points were created where company employees provide all of the necessary information for driving on roadways with electronic tolls.

TOLL CARD was created through a collaboration between Estradas de Portugal S.A. and CTT.
This uses “toll-cards” pre-charged with specific amounts (5€, 10€, 20€ and 40€) which must be activated and associated with the registration directly by the customer, by sending an SMS.

The TOLL CARD may be purchased online, at a CTT branch, at the roadway service stations and other participating locations, which may include locations abroad.

For more information regarding the network of roadways with electronic tolls and the road segments and rates of each, visit the Estradas de Portugal website (Portuguese version).