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Fish Recipes

Being one of the noble ingredients of the region, the fish can be prepared in many ways.

Bacalhau à Lagareiro


4 slices of codfish
1 Kg of potatoes
2 dl of olive oil
3 garlic cloves
red pepper


Place the slices of codfish in an oven tray, covering it with the garlic cloves and the oil. Do not peel the potatoes, wash them well and dry them with a cloth. Place them in a second tray and sprinkle them with salt.

Place both trays in the oven at a temperature of 200ºC for 40 minutes. While the codfish roasts drizzle with olive from the roast so it doesn't dry. When the potatoes are cooked press them slightly to break the skin.
Place the codfish in a plate to serve and drizzle with olive oil from the tray, place the potatoes around and decorate with red pepper cut into small cubes and parsley.

Arroz de Marisco


1 Kg of clams
500 g of shrimp
400 g of rice
500 g mussels
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
3 ripe tomatoes
1 bay leave
1 branch of parsley
1 branch of coriander
3 spoons of olive oil
salt,pepper and chilli


Place the clams and the mussels in water to remove the sand. Open the clams in a recipient with water, remove and let it drain, keeping the water from the cooking. Proceed to do the same with the mussels.
Cook the shrimp in water with salt for 2 minutes.

As soon as it boils drain, peel them and keep the water. In a pan put the oil, onion the garlic chopped and the bay leaves. When the onion is golden, add the cut tomatoes, without skin nor seeds, the parsley and the chilli. Let it cook in simmer for 10 minutes.

Add the water you kept and fix the salt levels, if necessary. When it boils put the washed and drained rice. After 10 minutes of boiling, add the shrimps and let it cook the rice. Serve hot and decorate with the chopped coriander.

Linguado Grelhado


4 sole fish of 350g
8 tablespoons of soy sauce
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 brandy spoons of rice
2 juice spoons of lemon
1 tablespoon of yellow sugar
1 garlic clove
1 small spoon of grated ginger fresh
3 carrots
2 fresh french garlics


Put two sided cuttings in the posterior part of the sole fish and place them in the oven tray.
Mix the soy sauce, the oil olive, the brandy, the lemon juice, the sugar, the garlic clove peeled and chopped and the grated ginger in a recipient.

Put the mix over the fish and let it marinate for less than an hour. Grill the sole fish both sides in a slow fire griller brush it with the olive oil. Peel the carrots, wash them and cut them in cubes, cut the french garlics in slices. Place the sole fish in plates, decorate with vegetables and serve.