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Estoril Coast, Portugal - One place. A thousand sensations.
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Water Sports

With the obvious exception of winter sports, the Estoril Coast has an ideal natural environment and perfect weather for engaging in any sport imaginable, all year round.

The coastline is the ideal setting for water sports such as: sailing, windsurfing, surfing, kite surfing and water skiing, which are some of the many sports that can be practiced along our coast, some of them supported by the yacht clubs in the region, including the Clube Naval de Cascais and Marina de Cascais.

An ocean of possibilities!

An extensive and varied coastline, which combines beaches, rocks and high cliffs with spectacular views and hundreds of fishing spots, the water is unpolluted and rich in fish and shellfish.

The calmer waters of Cascais are great for sailing. The best places to practice sailing are the Marina and the Cascais Naval Club, which hold many competitions and are known for their leisure sailing.

Perfect beaches…

Both the south coast and the west coast are known for their excellent wind conditions for windsurfing, especially Guincho beach.

The ocean waves of the region are also perfect for surfing, especially the beaches of Guincho, Grande and Ribeira d’Ilhas, where the windsurfing World Cup is normally held.

Beaches like Praia Grande, Guincho, Carcavelos and Ribeira d’Ilhas are perfect for practicing bodyboarding and also a frequent location for international competitions.
 Both the south coast and the west coast have excellent wind conditions for the people who want to try Funboarding, especially Guincho beach.

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A – Baía de Cascais – Sailing
list bottom
B – Praia do Guincho – Windsurf, Kitesurf
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C – Praia de Carcavelos – Surf, Bodyboard
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D – Praia de São Pedro – Surf, Bodyboard